Introduction to ConvergeX

A coordination system for ecosystem incentives.

Welcome to the ConvergeX GitBook Documentation! In this Gitbook guide, we will explore what ConvergeX is, and briefly compare it with its inspiration, Solidly.

The DeFi landscape has witnessed rapid growth and innovation in the last few years, with projects developing novel solutions to address challenges related to liquidity incentives and on-chain coordination. Our inspiration for this project, the Solidly model, offers one such solution, providing a platform for users to coordinate liquidity incentives on its own AMM. ConvergeX seeks to expand on Solidly's innovations and overcome its limitations.

In this GitBook Documentation, we will take a very close look at ConvergeX. We'll explain all the different parts of it and how it works. By the end, you'll have a good understanding of what ConvergeX does and how it could affect the world of DeFi.

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